Affiliate Programs or Banner Ads

I mentioned this in my Monday class, but not to the Tuesday class, so here is the announcement officially…

Students have a choice to execute affiliate programs or banner ads on their project website.  Both are not required, just one. Extra marks will be given to those who choose to do both.

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program will be considered satisfactorily executed if the student has actually signed up and implemented an affiliate program on their site. I can easily tell if you’ve just stuck an advertisement on your site, rather than implementing a true program. Simply sticking an ad on your site that is not part of an affiliate program does not fulfill the requirement.

Banner Ad

The purpose of adding this option is because some have chosen website concepts that are not conducive to the advertising of competing websites or other distracting information. If you choose to do the banner ad option, there are some requirements that you must follow:

  • You must design and implement ads in three (3) standard size formats.
  • The design must be attractive in appearance, appropriate for the site and audience,  and well written.
  • You must integrate the ads in your site layout.
  • For extra grades, you should find another site willing to display your ad.

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